Experience and book an inspiring educational journey in Apulia!

Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Learn Italian in Southern Italy. Discover Apulia and apulian cuisine.

Sehenswürdigkeiten Kochkunst Apuliens Sehenswürdigkeiten Italienisch Sprachkurs Polignano a mare

Programs 2016

Dear Reader,

EBII-"A dive in Italian" is ideal for people with a passion for travel, excitement, and cultural appreciation; for those who seek a unique and enriching experience beyond mass tourism. Italy is a country with a well-known, fascinating, and magnificent culture and with an incomparable quality of life. For this reason the Italian peninsula is one of the most visited countries in the world. What we offer are language courses, and not only. Italian is said to be the most enchanting of the Romance languages, as well as a pleasure to learn.

What could be more charming, captivating, and entertaining than learning Italian in Italy?

The beautiful region of Apulia offers the perfect combination of natural scenery, Mediterranean flair, shimmering turquoise-blue sea, local culture and delight. — Our cultural programs will disclose all the wonders of this beautiful area and allow you to learn Italian in the place where it was born and it developed, Italy!

Rossella Moleas

Rossella Moleas
Polignano a Mare
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